Nut is our first hopeful scholarship student.  Although nut lives in the slums he is not like the other children, he is calm he is quiet and he is well behaved.  Nut’s Life has not been easy he has grown up in extreme poverty but not only that he had his mother and father walk out on him, 20160531_141628one night they left and never came back, they let him with his aunt who was 72 at the time.  I asked his aunt if his parents did drugs and she said, “No”.  He did not grow up alone though his cousin’s mother died when he was young and also lived with his aunt, he knows his cousin as his brother and I think it was very god for them to have each other and helped them be very polite young men.  It is really hard for me to imagine a mother after having a child for over year, to just walk out, it makes me sad.

His grandmothe1460792112297r is 86 years old even though she is strong she is in no condition to be raising a 14-year-old boy. They live under20160531_141931 a bridge together and his grandmother was the first christian convert in this area, but she is still afraid that Nut will come home to find her dead one day, she does not want Nut to go through that.  Nut is very smart he Is very polite and we feel that he would be the best candidate to go to Chang Mai Academy.  We are very excited to see how God will work in his life and we have faith that he will succeed in school.

Click here to support Nut's future
Click here to support Nut’s future
Click here to read Nut's blog
Click here to read Nut’s blog

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