Nut – Starting Over

Hello Everyone!

I want to thank you all for helping me to be able to come to CAA.  I am very happy to study here and I now have 9 new friends. Since, I have been here I have learned many things and I am very happy.  I ask God to bless you for you for helping me and to also bless teacher Josh, teacher Chitty, and my grandma.  I thank God that He has given me a new school, good friends and a good girlfriend.  I can study and do well in every subject except for English.  My English is very bad and it is very hard for me.  I am very happy because I have a friend from Bangkok, who I know from the Thai church, his name is Mek and he cleans the church with me every Friday afternoon.  We are roommates and workmates, we hang out all the time and do all kinds of things together.  I just want to thank everyone who is helping me to learn at CAA and supporting me!  You guys are awesome!  I pray that God blesses you and thank you!.

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