Praew, is a 16 year old girl entering the 10th grade.  She is a very bright and dedicated student.  The more I learn about her story the happier I get, that we have the opportunity to help her.

She was born and raised Bangkok and has 3 brothers, the only thing is that she doesn’t live with them.  Her mother did not want to pay for her to go to school so she had her live with her aunt.  When I asked her “How often do you see your mom?”  She replied with “I don’t remember the last time I saw my mom.”  Her mom lives with her 3 brothers but has little contact with her.  Her aunt has many kids and even more grandchildren living in her house and many of them have alcohol and drug problems.  She has 2 cousins who we teach, who have told us of many times that they have seen people in their house doing drugs.  Its hard for me to think that this is a better situation than living with her mom.

Her aunt  doesn’t want her to go to Chiang Mai, not because she doesn’t want to be far away from her, but because she doesn’t want to lose the

 money that she brings in.  While Praew has been going to school she has been working in a noodle shop for below minimum wage for 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. and struggling to keep her studies under control.  The money that she earns goes to her education and goes to pay the electric bill for her aunt.  Her aunt is sad to see her money go and is not letting it go without a fight.

Praew is a good girl and has a desire to help other people, she said that she wants to go to Chiang Mai to get a better education and to get away from all the problems in the slum.  She said that she wants to be a civil servant because she wants to help other people and believes that being able to go to Chiang Mai would help her be able to do that.

In my opinion Praew is a great girl who is neglected, rejected and taken advantage of.  She really has no one on her side and has no one who cares for her.  We want to show her the love of Christ and that someone cares about her and her success.  I hope that her story can inspire you to help her and people like her.  For every story that you hear like Praew’s story there are 10 more worse.  I implore you to pray for her success and for her to know God.

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