Our Team

Meet us!!!!!



I am Josh, I am an American who has been living in Thailand for almost 5 years now.  I arrived in Bangkok and studied Thai for almost 2 years and then started work in the On Nut 49 slum for two years where we developed a scholarship program to send kids to CAA.  Now I live in Mea Teang and take care of the kids we sent here on scholarship, while taking in and sponsoring other kids.  These kids are my mission and my challenge.  My hope and my prayer is that they will grow to be strong Godly men and women!


“Chitty” as she is known by most foreigners.  She is my dedicated and lovely wife.  She is the backbone of our operation.  I call my wife the best missionary I know because nothing that we do would be possible without her.  My wife is very hard working and loves God with all her heart.  My wife does all the translating between me and the kids (which is a lot), she does all the books and handles the finances and she makes sure the kids are clean and dressed properly.  God knew exactly what I needed when he blessed me with her!  I am blessed to have a wife that would follow me into this crazy life God has chosen for us!

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