Our Team

Meet the team!




I am Josh, I am an American who has been living in Bangkok, Thailand for almost 3 years now.  The first time I came to this slum I knew this was where God wanted me!  I spent many nights crying and pleading with God to give me my mission here, and He has!  These kids are my mission and my challenge.  My hope and my prayer is that they will grow to be strong Godly me and women!





“Chitty” as she is known by most foreigners.  She is my dedicated and lovely wife.  She works with the church in an administrative role and teaches the kids with Chompoo on Sabbath.  She will be my teacher’s aide as we start our after school program and we will donate all of our time to the kids here.  She loves the kids and keeping them clean and away from all the dirty things that are down there.  She has been a Christian for over 5 yrs now and is excited for the day when her job will be to work for the Lord full-time.  Her family is now reading their Bible and praying because of her prayers and witnessing and she cannot wait for the day of their baptisms!






RASAMII (picture coming soon)

Rasami is our current Bible worker and boots on the ground.  She is the one who is in the slums most days and going house to house.  She knows most of the people here and is the one pleading with the parents to bring their kids to our church.  She is dedicated to the Lord and spends a lot of time with her son Mickey singing and giving Bible studies.  She teaches them practical ways to live their lives and love the Lord!  She loves God and loves the work that God has given to her!





chomp chomp chomps

Chompoo is an amazing Teacher!  She loves kids and serving the Lord.  She has been at the church for over 3 years teaching the kids every Sabbath. She has many ups and downs with the children and a lot of the opportunity that we have to teach them comes from the relationship that she has with  the kids.  We are hoping to bring her onto our team as a full-time teacher.  She loves kids and playing the ukulele.










Kelvin is our translator and is fluent in english/thai/chinese.  He is my good friend and go to guy. He helps me figure out everything I need to know with every idea I come up with, I would not be very effective without him and all his help!  He helps all the foreigners that come to our church.