Yearly Archive: 2017

Blog #6 – Full from giving thanks

Hi Everyone! Sorry for such a long wait! We have been very busy. So much has happened since our last blog that I don’t even know where to begin.   We were involved in a motorcycle accident that scared my…Read more

Nut – Starting Over

Hello Everyone!   I want to thank you all for helping me to be able to come to CAA.  I am very happy to study here and I now have 9 new friends. Since, I have been here I have…Read more

Preaw – New Beginnings


Hello everyone!  I am Preaw and I am excited to be going to Chiag Mai Adventist Academy.  I have had a good time here so far because I have made good friends and I noticed that all of my teacher have…Read more

Blog #4 – Doing Work

Well, I am writing this Blog in a state of happiness!  I am happy because everything I wanted to accomplish this month is done (except this blog, lol)!  This month has been a month of confusion, frustration, and accomplishment.  But…Read more